Pheasant Acre Plants Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website Design & Build

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“A bold, shoppable website design that transformed business for this local Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medallist”

Project info:
Inspired by their brightly coloured flowers, we designed and developed this bold, responsive website for Pheasant Acre Plants. The website boasts vibrant and striking flower photography to demonstrate the wide range of products available and create an exciting and welcoming online presence.

For this local family-run company, profits soared and business was transformed with our implementation of an e-commerce store.

The online shop experience has expanded their audience significantly, allowing customers to browse all plants, read expert planting advice, and checkout and pay online. Our website design now sees Pheasant Acre Plants reach new heights, shipping their online orders to customers all over the UK.

Disciplines Used

  •    Website Design & Build
  •    Ecommerce