Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services…

The Pentagon team can help you craft your digital marketing strategy by creating visual content for your online presence, be it your website, blog or social media pages.

Your online presence is the face of your brand, and you should be posting unique branded content consistently and regularly on all of your online platforms to ensure your name is always visible to potential customers.

We can give your social media a makeover by designing matching branded header images for your profiles, ideal for Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can design engaging and exciting posts that your followers will instantly recognise, perfect for advertising products, promoting events and directing traffic to your website.

Moving image has also been proven extremely effective on social media, and increasingly so. We can create effective branded GIFs or short videos to catch the attention of your followers and get them interacting with your brand.

Digital marketing applies to your entire online strategy, including your own website, and we can aid in keeping your core content engaging and fresh with regularly updated imagery. To captivate your audience further, we can also create attractive and appealing visuals to illustrate your blog posts or website articles, highlighting the importance of your written words.

Disciplines Used

  •    Digital Marketing Content