Comcen 3D Room Renders

“Realistic 3D visualisations to bring modern technology solutions to life”

Project info:
A new and exciting feature developed for Comcen’s website, these 3D renders were designed to create interactive virtual scenes.

Modelled on real products and services, these room-sets accurately represent the futuristic technology that Comcen can offer their customers.

Hosted on the website complete with interactive hotspots, these 3D scenes allow customers to visualise their technological needs in-situ. By browsing the environment and clicking on a hotspot, you can view detailed product information and shop for products included within the scene.

Adorned with Comcen AV’s bright and ultramodern colour palette, these 3D renders demonstrate the state-of-the-art and innovative solutions that their customers need.

Disciplines Used

  •    Website Design & Build
  •    3D