Barney & Beau Brand Identity

Barney & Beau Brand Design

“A contemporary brand design for a Cardiff-based lifestyle store for stylish parents and children”

Project info:
We brought Barney & Beau’s brand vision to life in the form of this clean and simple logo.

We explored colour palettes and symbolism which lead to the development of the crown emblem, which represents the owner’s two little Princes, Barnaby & Beaumont.

The brand identity also includes simplified sub-marks for application across their social platforms and as a design device in print.

We also developed a range of childhood-inspired, hand-drawn patterns and illustrations to apply to branded material and their new website [link to website case study].

Disciplines Used

  •    Brand Identity
  •    Website Design & Build
  •    Ecommerce
  •    Illustration
  •    Print