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The Brief: Having completed the new Holden & Partners website and establishing a new corporate look and feel our next task was to continue the process of refreshing their marketing material starting with a new look for the quarterly newsletter ‘The Review’.

Our Response: We collated a bespoke library of inspirational photography which would compliment the written content and promote the values of Holden & Partners. Combined with careful use of well styled typography and layout we were able to enhance each article and make the publication more appealing to their readers. The finished publication presents Holden & Partners as a dynamic, forward thinking company who have a greater depth of knowledge and commitment in the services they offer their clients. Design synergy was maintained with their online presence to maintain brand consistency.

Brand Background: Holden & Partners are an independent financial advisers firm based in London, and South East Anglia. They provide financial planning advice and investment advice (or ‘wealth management’) to individuals, charities, trusts and companies.



"Design synergy was maintained with their online presence..."