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The Brief: Design and develop an updated version of the Adventure Britain website. Visually modernise the look of the website, simplify the input system for content web updates and clean up the navigation functionality for the target audience.

Our Response: While taking into consideration the importance of Adventure Britain’s website to the company, we designed a website that visually brought them forward as a brand. We stripped away all the unnecessary clutter, cleaned up how the website functioned and made sure the brand stood out among the other competitors within the industry.

Brand Background: Adventure Britain offer outdoor activity breaks and inspired ideas for adventure stag breaks, hen parties, team building and school activity programmes.

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Following the work you’ve done on the upgrade of the website we are delighted to inform you that the number of visitors to the site and associated enquiries have significantly increased when compared to the same period last year. Thanks for your considerable efforts in bringing this about.

— Mark Soanes, Director, Call of the Wild Ltd

"We designed a website that visually brought them forward as a brand."